Why do I get SO many guys checking me out in public but I'm not popular on online dating sites?

Guys usually accept my contact request but they seem to lose interest after a few emails and stop responding. I have photos on my profile. The majority of guys I email I don't end up meeting in person even though they are usually the ones who pay to send me an email! What is going on?


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  • I bet they're trying to get to know you. They may be influenced by your interaction to where they thought they want to stop perusing. I bet a lot of people probably even forget about messaging back. Maybe that got distracted. I mostly think they lost interest. It's probably for some fickle reason.


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  • sounds like you have a boring personality if guys check you out but lose interest when they talk to you.
    just my opinion.


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  • You really emphasized that '"SO many guys" part... like I would have never known SO many guys were checking you out -_-

  • In the street guys can only see your body.

    Online they can have a glimpse at your personality because of the way you present yourself on your profile and the information you give.

    So maybe the way you present yourself is repulsive.
    Maybe you sound dumb or boring as fuck on dating sites...


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