Girls, Meeting the ex advice? How often? Compliments?

Ok so me and my ex have met up a couple of times over the last three or four weeks for a drink in our usual spot. Both times we had a really good time, second time we ended up kissing, we were all over each other. She usually gets scared but this time she just said she wanted it to be just me and her no one else involved. She text me the next day and we spoke briefly.

i knew she was busy all weekend so never got in touch and she hasn't me either, so i'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do? Do i get in touch?

should i be complimenting her? It's not something i've done since and it might come across as awkward on a text


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  • You should be the one contacting her if you are interested. Why aren't you?

    Take it slow. You can contact her briefly daily to keep slow but consistent momentum of relationship.

    The best compliments at this time are something like "I'm so glad I got to see you again" and anything else that's genuine like "you looked beautiful that day". Don't expect anything back, just smile. The best cue to say compliments is if she has said something to indicate her positive feelings for you, like that moment she said "just you and me and no one else." That was her giving you the green light to pursue a relationship with her again. Take the lead! You're the one who is supposed to be the engine, steering ever so carefully in the direction she's comfortable with. You can only know what she's ready for with you when you talk to her or invite her to hang out more often.

    Do it already! You seem like you want to get her back. If you don't court her she's going to think you're not interested and she *will* move on. If somehow she doesn't, the relationship won't be half as good as if you had lead it instead of leaving the leading up to her because she'll respect you more subconsciously, and feel wanted on a conscious level too without feeling smothered or awkward. You want to know what's awkward? You not texting her regularly. And most likely, right now, she is sitting around thinking you are not interested and she is not going to actively put effort into communicating with you for long or at all, unless you are initiating it and letting her know you're interested in seeing where it goes again. (By the way, just the fact you are initiating will be showing her that you are interested without you saying the word "interested")

    If you didn't respond similarly to her "us and no one else" comment when she said it, then make sure when you start hanging out again regularly, to bring what she said up and say what you truly feel about it. starting it with "when we met up that second time, and you said __________, it made me feel like maybe we got a chance at something, and I wanted to find out if we can." And then ask her relevant questions to see how you guys can possibly get over potential roadblocks down the line since she really wants this to work too. ( v imp. to move forwrd together)

    Of course, don't say this or anything like this if you don't mean it. But that alone, with "you looked beautiful as always" are perfect compliments, said together or separately on different days.


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  • Doing nothing isn't an option. You may sound awkward, but at least you'd be trying and showing her where you stand (:

  • dont compliment her.


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