Are their certain things do when they're attracted to a guy? (Less Subtle)?

I'm going to be going on a 4th date with this young lady who I like, we haven't done anything physical yet, and I'd like to know what are the signs she'll give me when she wants me to escalate. Thanks, besides twirling hair, looking at my lips, etc. she's not like a lot of these other women from what I can tell. Or should I assume she's into me because of the simple fact that we're dating.


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  • Girl's, believe it or not, put a lot of value into their time. You wouldn't think that way when you've been with your girlfriend shopping at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas for literally 11 hours, but I digress. So when a girl is continuing to go out with you, spending time with you, this is one of the biggest signs you can look for. Also, if you're on your fourth date, you definitely need to make a physical approach: holding hands, hugging, possibly kissing. Girls like to follow the guys lead but she can't if you haven't taken the steps forward. The worst thing that can happen is if she tell you that she wants to go slower. It's probably one of the most awkward things guys hear when they're about to get physical with a girl and she tells him to stop. Don't take it personally, it's more about her own comfort than trying to insult you (which she's not).
    As for looking for those 'certain clues', a girl will respond quickly if you touch her hand or stand really close to her. Sometimes they bite their bottom lip. They'll look at your lips and sometimes not even break eye contact. It's difficult with shy girls but you have to be proactive. You can do it Louwill! Good luck bro


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  • you're dating so she's into you.


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