Me and this girl was supposed to go out the next day but?

She was letting me know she was off the next day and wondered if i wanna do somethin, i told her yea i got you, she said she'll call me tommorow,.. i never got a call, so called her like 3 times the remainder of the day to see what happen, never got nothing, plus i think she rejected the calls on purpose, 2days pass, no text no call from her on apologizing how rude that shit was. (Side note) (we been talkin for 2months, had a fun first date, she got 2jobs, i be gettin a flaky vibe from her sometimes, i think she playin hard to get sometimes) anyway what should i say, text or do


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  • A woman can play hard to get without being disrespectful
    or acting as if she has no interest.
    If I were you I wouldn't waste any more time on her.
    Think of it this way,
    You've reached out to her on more than one occasion multiple times,
    that didn't change anything at all.
    She still didn't have the courtesy to get back to you.
    So more calls and text messages aren't going to make her magically answer.
    Continue going after your life... if she cares enough eventually she will call.
    When she does, she will probably have some crappy excuse.
    You need to decide that you deserve more than what you are getting.
    It's up to you if you want to continue on with a woman that is flaky or move on to a woman that will give you her time (and has the decency to call you when plans don't work out).


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  • This is a tough situation. It's possible she got scared to meet you. I would pump the breaks on contacting her for a week and then shoot her a text asking what's up. Don't bring up the lost date and invite her to come out with you. I don't want to discourage you, but what you just wrote is not good. So keep yourself focused on work, school, friends, etc until next week. Good luck


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  • just tell her its rude to do that.

    • Text that?
      Cause she obviously not gone pick up the phone, cause she probably know im pissed

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