My girlfriend has depression: Last night she told me she wants to break up because she's afraid about how it will effect us.. I can't. What can I do?


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  • She's mentally unstable and will drag you through her world of unhappiness.
    You have to decide if you care enough to TRY to work things out with her (support her no matter what she says),
    or leave (give her the space she needs), and yourself the freedom (lack of stress) and continue to work on yourself and future.

    • I care enough about her to make these things work. We have a connection that I haven't felt before with any other girl.

    • There's nothing that you can say or do that will "fix" her she needs professional help.

    • Well... just tell her , you love her and will be there for her no matter what.
      Tell her if space is what she wants... you will give it to her.
      But let her know you will always be there incase she needs to talk.

      You can't really force yourself on her when she doesn't want you around.
      You have to distance yourself and hopefully she will come around.

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  • How long have you been together?

    To me it seems like an excuse to want to jump out the relationship. If she was truly depressed, she would want you closer to support her, I don't think she would actively push you away!


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  • Give her time and also be there, maybe she'll realise with time she did the wrong thing, just don't go chasing after her, but if she really wants to be with you right now. she wouldn't have gave up easily, anyways do you know what's making her depressed?


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