Who is at fault?

The guy started befriending and stalking the girl but he keeps on saying, he doesn't want a girlfriend. He calls her every night and talk for hours, chat online and see each other sometimes. They were schoolmates. The girl was so reserved and quiet and focuses only on studies. The guy on the other hand, initiates the talking all the time but they had a good time. It continued for about a year. He told her why does he have to the talking all the time. She is just too shy but she talks to him openly not just initiates it and really busy at school. He started distancing himself from her. Then she asked, are we just friends? because she feels that something is wrong with him. He answered indirectly and said that he thought the girl sees her differently and he told her not to think about it anymore. At that time, she just see him as a friend. She get the feeling that she he likes her but since the guy shows mix signals, she doesn't know how to react and stayed as a friend. Then he disappeared. But after a couple of months, he messaged her that he misses her. She responded a casual response but he didn't reply at all.

Did the guy had the right to be angry at the girl when he himself didn't tell clearly his feelings to her? Did he disappear bec he can't be her friend anymore or he hated her? Why didn't he reply on his last message the fact that he is the one who said he missed her?


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  • first of all... he says he doesn't want a girlfriend... maybe he's afraid of commitment actually? starin at her and callin her every night ren't little things...

    anyway... i understand y he's being distant to her since she never initiates. he could easily figure out she's not interest, if he's always da one who does. he gave her another chance by sayin "i miss u"... but she gave a "casual response" (wot xactly? probably not-good... maybe a "cold" response) so he ignored her...

    hmmmm i guess he has da right to be angry in my opinion

    • casual response: hey what's up? something like that.. I can't say i miss you too. She was mad at that time but chose not to argue.
      The girl only realized that he has been talking all the time and tried to change after. But he refused already. sigh. What should the girl have done instead?

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    • yeah. I don't know why but I've type it like that. when I realize I'm using the 3rd person, I'm too lazy to change it. lol. Probably coz it happpened in the past.
      Doesn't it mean he wanted to ignore me?

    • nope... as i said it'd be better to send another text...

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  • its his fault of course.


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  • This guy is crazy and the girl should ignore him


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