How to find happiness once you realise no man is ever interested in you?

I'm almost 27 and I have reached a juncture where I realise that no man is ever interested in me. Not for anything seriously at least and I don't mess around. I have always been the single friend and have had bad experiences, where men showered me with love and attention just for the fun of it... in other words only leading me on. When I already told them I don't want to be frivolous so its a waste unless they are also serious about seeing where it goes. I do it at different points, either a few dates or maybe 2/3 months. Either way, no guy has ever really liked me. I realise that if I want to settle down and get married, I have to accept the guys who really like me, even though they tend to be losers or desperate. However, as a traditional girl who only ever wanted to find a stable relationship, love has always eluded me and after all these years it has affected my sense of self worth and confidence. its a personal failure and really hits hard when you realise no man thinks you're special enough or worth committing to. I am a little lost as to how I can fix myself. Not for a man but just to feel happy and content again. To feel like I did years ago before I face continuous rejection. I may add, I am always told I'm beautiful, intelligent, funny, nice and come across as confident. Even by my close friends, so when I ask them what is so bad about me.. they just say its bad luck. However, I know something must be wrong with me if I can't even attract one man for a relationship. Any suggestions on how to be happy and to numb the pain of knowing no man is ever interested in me or going to be. I have given up and I will accept marrying someone my parents will choose for me (Indian origin) but to find the acceptance and satisfaction with that is a bit harder.


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  • you dont need a damn man to be happy!


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