What are some ideas for a date with my girlfriend?

I'm going to Amsterdam with some friends for four days on Friday and I asked my girlfriend when I saw her on Monday if I will see her again before I go away and she said we would.

So she asked me this morning on Facebook if I'm up for doing something tomorrow, so I explained I'm seeing some friends in the afternoon but I'm free for the evening. But we never actually said what we will actually do. And I don't really want to invite myself around to hers because even though her family don't mind me being there and say I'm always welcome, I often feel like they're going out of their way with me just being there sometimes..

Anyway, I'm thinking of asking her if she fancies going bowling or maybe even swimming for the evening but those are jsut basic ideas and I'm wondering what other ideas we could do if she isn't up for those?


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  • the park and ice cream.


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  • then how about askin her to suggest sth?

    anyway do sth dat u do less frequently together... but i believe u should do some activity where u would be alone mostly... like a walk in da park ;)


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