How to get him back (PLEASE HELP)\?

Well me and this guy have been talking for two months. Things have been kind of complicated, he doesn’t want a relationship but he says he loves me and the sex is amazing. Anyways, I’ve become super clingy several times, where I blow up his phone and act fucking crazy. He’s been ignoring me since Sunday and now I’m just upset and it makes me freak out and text him even more asking why he’s ignoring me. I even professed my love to him, and nothing.

I feel like I completely chased him away. If I give him space, and don’t text him, do you think he’ll come back to me? How do I redeem myself? He still looks at my social media everyday, so I feel like he cares. I asked him to tell me if he wanted me to leave him alone, and still no reply? He hasn’t blocked me on anything. I don't know how can I become more attractive, and reverse the mess I made?


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  • You are crazy... you know he doesn't want a relationship and you complicate what you already have... sounds like a girl with too much luggage

    • How do I fix this?

    • Give him space... ddon't become all manic about this guy... you know he doesn't want a relationship, just the sex... love is a loose word thrown around anyways, I love you is not the same as I'm in love with you. A few words change the whole impact of the statement. So knowing he doesn't want a relationship accept the friends with benefits or move on.

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