Love or loneliness?

I was in a 5 year relationship before and I've been single for about a year now. Im over my ex already. in fact, i love my life haven't been this happy in a long time.

I met this beautiful woman and so far we have gone out on 2 dates abd I've had so much fun with her. Nothing has happened cause i haven't made a move. I think its because i want to get to know her and take it easy.

Question is if im choosing her out of loneliness or because i really like her? How do I know this?

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  • Well ,
    you know yourself better than any one.

    Are you only with her because it feels good? And having her company fills a void u have been missing for a while?

    If so then u don't really like
    her but rather the way she makes u feel

    • She makes me feel happy and great! And i always have such a good time with her that i always wanna hang out. And i like the way she is. I dont think im choosing her cause out of loneliness but i just want to make sure. I mean everything points in the right direction. Unfortunately i can't date her cause she's only in town for work and even though we went on 2 dates i know i will miss her.

    • Aww :( that sucks.
      But at least you have had the pleasure of meeting her (but there will be other women).
      Well I think you know the answer to your question.
      You're over your ex... and you genuinely enjoy this girls company.
      You're into her completely!

  • You said you're over your ex and haven't been this happy in a long time. These are clear signs to me that you moved on and are ready to like people for who they are.


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