First date in a long time?

So I was finding it hard to meet people, so I signed up for eharmony. I've been talking to this one guy texting for the most part. He has invited me out for lunch tomorrow. I'm really nervous. Guys what are first impression turn offs?


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  • The following would be dealbreakers:

    - "Ah my balls itch!" *Scratch*

    - Spitting "like a guy" *Imagine a hick spitting*

    - Coming dressed completely different than the occasion (a clown outfit in a 5 star restaurant)

    - Being rude or inconsiderate

    - Talking about emotions / love / drama

    - Not paying attention during the date

    - Anything about barney, elmo, etc - should not come up during conversations

    - Expecting too much (" I won't ride in any short of a Lambourghini")

    - Being "prissy" to an extreme ("Like OMG, my nail broke... Awww *cries*")

    - Showing up with your ex boyfriend / or talking about "Ex's"

    - Looking like you live under a bridge

    - *Scratch* (Yep you guessed it) "My balls" + any comment after

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  • Tardiness

    Using the phone

    Excessive self involvement

    Lack of confidence

    Rude to waitstaff

    Complicated ordering

    Alcohol at lunch (at least not on the first date)

    Bad table manners

    • Totally agree. wouldn't do any of these. the phone things bothers me.

  • It all depends on the guy. Don't follow a list. Just be yourself. If there's chemistry, you'll know. But don't worry so much about him being turned off. If he is, then it's his loss.

  • Bad Breath

    not on time


    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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