How to make him like me as a person rather than just sex?

I know a guy recently,
I confess we started everything with sex.
we made out once and had sex once.
we both don't want relationship, at least he said so.
but then we did go to cinema, dinner, exhibition, he did even cook dinner and took me out for breakfast, even picked up a book for me. And I slept over everytimes after I met him. Bcoz of that, he skipped friends' party for me. We do even plan trip together in next months.
Now he is in holiday back home for 2 weeks ( the other country), he left for around a week now. He text me every day from lunch time until sleeping time... I do feel there is something, and I tried to joke it out in mid of our conversation by saying " Excuse me, u like me don't u? Admit it" and he said "shh, laters" and then hide until sleeping time...
Everything is sweet, except one thing that bothers me.
He likes to ask nude or sexy photos. Before he sleep, befor I go out with friends ( if I wear sth sexy) . I tried to tell him I don't want to, I don't feel safe to send to him and I am not confortable, at least not when we just met for 3 and half weeks. And he seems doesn't understand. I told him " my future boyfriend wouldn't be happy, Bcoz if you are my boyfriend, would u like other guys holding you girlfriend 's nude or sexy photo in their phone? Even it's before the relationship". He said " good point, I agree. I won't ask again" but then after a day, he asked me again... i dont know what to do with it now. It's partly my fault, I shouldn't slept with him before we know each other well. ( I was doing revenge on my ex ). I do like this guy, and I do feel the emotions are growing between us, but I don't know how to shift his intention from the words sex, sexy, body, ass, boobs, dick etc to emotional attraction now... I know It's sth you cannot force and ask directly, it seems never works if just tell him directly. I feel bit sick. Could you give some advices?


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  • If asking directly doesn't work, just move on.

    • I asked him subtally by joking " I would love you like my personality more than my sex body" and he went serious and said" if I didn't like you in person, I wouldn't let you sleep over everytime, I would of kick you out immediately after sex". Meh, I feel a little better but still not great... And then we had some sweet talk, he suddenly called my nick name and first time put 'x' after the conversation... Man, I do feel sweet from all. Err... Guess I will just keep it easy and let it be now... Coz he said he doesn't want relationship before we started, and I don't want to get hurt... What's ur suggestion?

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  • you just can't change people's thinking... you just can't... if he doesn't respect you he doesn't love you.. and all he seeks is your body and your company... if you are seeking love... or something special... i doubt he is the one.. but if you are fine with just sex and time pass... he seems fine! i feel you are falling into it... and he is just insensitive... respect yourself and your feelings... stop it before it gets worse... either stop expecting or stop giving.. all the best... hope to see you in a better place... choose wisely...


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  • All you can do is be yourself.


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