Should I take the initiative to ask him if he is free to go see a movie or something tonight?

My ex boyfriend recently broke up with me through text message saying I deserve better since he cheated on me (even though i forgave him) and also he said we didn't quite mesh the way he wanted for us to so he just broke up with. This was a month ago. Since then i've been on dating website. So I've been texting this guy online and he is really nice and attractive. we both talked a lot through message and so he is aware that about me and my ex's recent break up... and i think he is trying to take things slow with me, which is respectful but im okay with just going about things as normal. So anyway, I am taking summer courses so i am always studying at a coffee shop after i get off of work. he knows this and offered to study with me and meet me in person at the coffee shop. We had a great two hour study session! he had great conversation and it was as if we were old friends. I felt a nice vibe. however i noticed he didn't offer to pay for my coffee? is that normal? Also two weeks after that (yesterday) he asked me if i planned to study when i got off of work and i said yeah and he said that he will come and study with me (basically inviting himself) and that he was going to bring along his dog so that i could meet her (he knows i love animals). Again, it was an awesome study session full of jokes and great convo. However he didn't offer to pay for my coffee once again. is this normal? I feel like i could be giving him too much of a "friendzone" vibe. I would like for us to actually go on a "real date" but how do i go about doing that? I am free tonight for the first time after work at 8 and i dont need to study. what should i text him? How should i imply i want us to see a movie or have dinner or something? by the way I'm 23 he is 27


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  • Text him,
    "Would you like to see a movie tonight?"

    Since you're doing the invite , some guys would expect you to pay for yourself.

    While you're with him at the movies cuddle with him.
    Even after , ask him where do you see this going?
    Just to get a good of view where you both stand and could be.


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  • You seem you get disturbed by his behaviors. Like he does not pay yours.
    I can not say it is a complete sign of a friend. He seems he enjoys your company
    And You never know from a single behavior.

    If i were you i would not text to be honest. He needs to put himself out there.
    If you do all the job, he can not show his real intentions.
    Just wait and see. Continue to spend some time with him. And enjoy the time together.

  • You should ask him.


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