Do guys realise what they had lost if they reject a girl somewhere in their lives?

Romantically I was not accepted by a guy whom I loved madly. A day before his birthday, I got a cake for him. I even gave him flowers. I said to him I love you amd you are perfect for me. I dont know the world out. I need a person like you to walk with me. He said he is honored but he can't marry me. Many times I used to say to him that I loved him. He was my whole world. He clearly told me he cannot marry me. On his refusal, I bursted into tears and cried so much and he saw it. I was always there to provide my aid to him. I admired him everywhere. I honored him. I always praised him among people. I even used to miss him and shed tears. I even changed most of my habits for him if he never asked me to. I always told him you are my teacher who had taught me so much in my life. Many times I said if I get you, I'd love u forever. But I never got his love back. I just want to know will he ever realise my love later in his life?

He once gave me a chewing gum, I had not even thrown its wrapper. I told him its very precious to me. I was madly in love with that guy. I always told him he was good looking when he was just ordinary. He himself once said, "Your words boost up my self esteem."


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  • some guys probably do im sure. like they reject a girl, then later on in life they find themselves alone and wanting a partner in life and probably remember the girl they rejected. just a scenario.


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  • some guys do; some do not
    people usually understand better when they lose
    you just need to let it go. you did what you had to do. if he does not understand, let it go, you can not make someone love you :( heart chooses what she wants..


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  • He will realize things when it's too late, he was lucky to have a sweet girl like you and
    I'm sorry that he had to be the way he was well you deserve much better and any guy
    gets you is lucky to have a girl like you..

  • Sounds like you jumped the gun and did a bunch of creepy things and can't take no for an answer. He will realize what he lost when he's given some peace and quiet, and he will be happy that he rejected you.

    Move on.


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