What are the pros and cons of taking a year off from college?


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  • pro: you can spend a year working full time to start paying off your student loan

    con: you may forget some stuff and have a tougher year because of it


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  • It all depends what you'd be doing during that year off.

    I took a year off between my second and third years and don't regret it one bit. I'm going back to school this September to start my third year after this past year off.
    I worked abroad and travelled so some of my pros would be that I learned a new language, experienced living in another country, became more independent, etc..
    Honestly I can't think of any cons. Sure I'm graduating a year later but that's not that big an issue. Big whoop I'll graduate at 22 instead of 21.


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  • 1 main con, you waste the majority of the year by not doing anything; not gaining any experience related to the career you want to pursue.

    1 pro, if you are taking a gap year for college money, and you work for it, then you have the money.