Why don't I get crushes anymore?

So about a year ago, I had a huge crush on a girl, I didn't do anything about it, because she was way out of my league. but ever since then, I've been looking at girls thinking to myself, that I'd like to cuddle with them or get to know them. But I've almost been afraid to think about having a relationship with them, or having any kind of sexual fantasy about them. What can this be?


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  • Maybe your afraid of rejection...

    • Well yes, I am but again because of my anxiety. I've never been able to talk to girls, or well not since I started to get intended in them. And for that reason, I've never been shot down, so I don't know how rejection feels. (BTW I have social anxiety)

    • I gathered... well I guess you just have to build up the courage... because honestly if you get rejected and you feel awkward you can just avoid her

    • It would be great to just, be able to build up the courage and all. But I have an irrational fear, of doing pretty much anything that doesn't involve being alone, or with my very close friend.

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  • Probably coz you ignore them

    • I don't think I'm ignoring them, but it wouldn't really matter, I wouldn't be able to do anything about it because of my anxiety.

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    • im he's friend because its the best i can get. i can't just go find some new friends, especially because its summer break now, and he`s my gym buddy and therefor the only person outside of my family that i see.

    • Okay so you are close to your family. I was trying to ask you that before, if your anxiety got in the way of everyone including your family.
      I'm not saying dump him as a friend, I'm just saying maybe telling him how you feel might help him realize what you're feeling inside. He can help you with your crush too... give you pointers and stuff.

  • You're maturing.


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