Do people always have a set time to text for couples?

The guy im dating said that we dont have to text all the time, and he always texts me late at night never. Decent time, he will message me at 11:30 and say i never let him sleep well maybe you should text me at a normal hour? I just feel like if you love someone there shouldn't be so many boundaries,


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  • Yeah, if you want him to text you at certain time than tell him , yes there should be
    boundaries and it should be 50/ 50 in any relationship.


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  • Hahah my boyfriend is the opposite... he texts me at 3am telling me to wake up and FaceTime him if he's bored... your boyfriend shouldn't be so grumpy and make time for you, he can sleep when he's dead

    • Thats the kind of guy i want 50/50 feelings. Someone who is outgoing and crazy about me as i am about them

    • Exactly... and you deserve it

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  • I don't think so.


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