How To Play the Friend Card?

This guy has been talking to me a lot. I told him before that I just want to be friends and we became really good friends. But now he's flirting with me again and I am just not interested in him that particulair way. Plus it would be long distance and I'm not into that. I need to play the friend card. How sould I bring it up? Thanks for the help.


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  • No one likes to get friend zones. It sucks and it is painful. So it's nice that you actually care. Do you really want to be friends with this guy? Because it seems like he really likes you but you just don't want to be with him. Remember, this isn't your fault, unless you've lead him off by going on several dates, kissing, stuff like that. Tell him the truth that you don't feel comfortable with how he's acting around you with the flirting. Insure him that you like being around him, but not when he's acting 'that way.' It hurts to see people in pain, but there is no way around it. Good luck with that


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  • There are very few guys out there that actually hang out and are friends with chicks. In some way, shape or form if a guy is hanging out with you he wants to get in your pants. Some guys can keep a lid on it for a longer period of time, some cannot. You want this to be done and over where it doesn't creep back up again? Tell him flat out... you do not want to be involved with him, you are or will be interested in other guys that are not him and that he needs to back down and stay down. Let him decide if he wants to be your friend, but don't put the words in his mouth.

    I never hang out with chicks as friends. I might hang out with a chicks in a group that I consider my friends, but I wouldn't hang out with them like friends independent of the group unless I was trying to get more out of it. I never let myself get put into the friend zone. I was either trying to get into their pants or I was out and more often than not it was them pushing me out cause I didn't want to play the middle ground. Chick friends are the worst, you get all of the negatives of a girl without any of the benefits, who the fuck needs that? You will be doing him a favor even if he gets his feelings hurt.

    • No offense, but I disagree with you. I think they - men and women - can be friends. Sure, you have a point that some guys just want sex, but some can be friends with girls without wanting any sexual favours. It's called a platonic relationship.

  • Be direct and honest and straight forward? that's the only real way you're going to get this guy to stop.

    I want to be completely honest with you this guy likely only talks to you a lot and spends so much time focused onto you because he wants to be with you, I could be wrong but this is a good guess especially if you have told him before and he's doing it again. The more later you wait to be straight forward and tell him you're not interested into him the more he will likely never ever speak to you and assume you lead him on.

    The next thing you need to do is make sure YOU ARE not actually leading him on yourself. If you give this guy mixed feelings he will assume you're interested and once again be trying again and again.


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  • Just mention to him that you're flattered by his attention, but you're actually interested in another guy. He will probably stop after it.


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