Even after talking i'm still hurt?

I talked to the guy I like last night & we established that he likes me but i like him more & that he doesn't really want anything with anyone right now.
He kept saying 'i wish you didn't like me, it would make things easier' and 'i don't want to hurt you'
We had HUGE D&M and he cried about his grandfather. He even told me this whole date he would take me on if we were together.
This morning i sent him something saying that i know he doesn't want anything but i'm around if he needs me.
He sent something back saying that he knows i am there for him & he is there if i need to talk and he signed it off with an x.

Even after this I am so confused. He is my close friend and I want to be there for him but i like him so much and i know he likes me too. it just hurts...


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  • first of all he was clear as it seems... he said he doesn't want anything right now... and he believes things would be better actually if u never had any feelings towards him.

    i believe he's tryin to forget u actually... that's y he signed it off as u said... even if he's a close friend da fact u see him more than a friend makes him feel kinda uncomfortable. and not only he tries to forget u... but seems like he's tryin to make u forget about him as well

  • It's good and sweet you two are there for each other, but maybe just give him some space for now. Let him think about it.


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