The double standard of dating one's own race. Why does it exist?

How come when a white person wants to date their own race - it's racism.
How come when a non-white person wants to date someone of their respective race - it's beautiful as they preserving their culture.


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  • I've seen this too with people from other cultures
    I'm American too but black

    I've been going to a university with a lot of foreigners and it's common here. We actually have an anonymous confessions page.

    A girl once posted about her parents not approving her boyfriend because he's from a different ethnicity. It was amazing the amount of support she got saying listen to your parents, preserve culture etc all from other foreigners

    Funny, An Indian posted about someone not wanting to date them because their Indian
    The replies were much different. Ex. Racist, you don't need them anyway..

    I also have personal negative experiences with this as well as I've seen my friends of other cultures do this to guys they were dating it's a disgusting double standard

    I only think it's racist if the you imply the words "NEVER" or the reasoning is based on stereotype
    Like I would never date a black girl cause she's loud and they tend to be less educated "racist stereotyping not preference "

    But if you've just never found one you've been interested in dating that's cool.

    I've honestly haven't find a white guy that I'm interested in dating yet despite all the hype
    I generally mainly look at African guys for partners but if I found a nice white guy wanted to date me
    I'd give it a try..


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  • I would say because white people are the definition of modern beauty, which changes through out time!


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  • You're just making up crap now to cause drama...

  • I'm not saying your not right/wrong but that's pretty messed up. I don't agree with that because people have a right to choose who they want to get involved with. Who cares what others think.

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