Tired of this chick playin mind games, should stop playin along and be upfront now about this whole thing, that im not these other guys?

What y'all think? $hould i just be upfront and tell her she can stop with the bullshit, or just keep playin along,.. i mean i want this girl, but honestly, shit im gettin tired


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  • You should tell her upfront to stop with the bullshit.


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  • Mind games suck but it's just how some girls. You didn't really put any specifics in so I'll answer generally, that if you don't want a girl to act like that, you need to date a girl who is more forward. But if you're still wanting to be with this girl, you'll have to adapt to her, since you can't really get anyone to change. All you can change yourself. I feel your pain, but we're dealing with girls, they work more of emotion rather than logic


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