Why would this guy i'm seeing unfollow me on twitter?

A guy I've sort of been seeing for a while. We've met up a few times we know each other long since November. We've been meeting up more recently. We've kissed and more.
I spoke to him last Friday when I was away on holiday a picture of something just messaged him and he responded great and he asked if I was still there told him I was back Wednesday. I think he would've asked to see me. On the way back yesterday I texted him he saw the message although didn't open it but he could see the full message without opening so could still read it. Today I tweeted something like "first session back with the trainer tomorrow shall be fun not a easy session back starting again :')"
I rarely tweet about guys is that why he did it? he's been fine up til then he did it almost right after I said that? was he jealous that I wasn't seeing him first or haven't asked to see him yet?
Should I ask him why? was he jealous / insecure?
He favourited my tweet a few weeks ago and one of my retweets two days go I get notified? :S
He seems like he is a sensitive type of guy..


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  • guess probably he was jelly although he's being kinda unreasonable in my opinion... unless he unfollowed u by mistake... it could happen.

    anyway u can ask him yeah... but i cannot guarantee he'll answer back...

    • I don't know why he was jealous over that? maybe sounded like I was excited to see the PT?
      or giving him attention?
      How would I ask him without looking crazy? like "i noticed you unfollowed me is there any reason why etc or did I say or do anything you didn't like?"
      I was going to pretend I haven't noticed an just ask to see him but do it tonight about the weekend?

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    • He's probably maybe feeling sexually frustrated and upset with how it is.
      If he sees me he'll keep being reminded of what happened?
      Does he like me? just struggling with his performance and insecurity?
      I won't wait around for him if he does contact me I'll see at the time I feel like he will

    • sorry but i had enough and i'll be as blunt as possible. discussin over just one guy for 4 days non-stop's unhealthy! just take a break for at least one month and focus on other activities. this is da last time i said this, and i'll stop here. i don't wanna continue tellin u "give him space" for 1 month non-stop. so do it before u go totally paranoid over him!!

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  • Just forget about it, this stuff is too petty to mention.


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  • You are seriously talking to a ghost if you do not dare muster a confrontation in real life life. Forget online. It's not a legit interaction.

    • Yeah but he was really upset and jealous over that tweet the guy I'm seeing, feeling hurt over it when he shouldn't

  • He's losing interest.


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