Girls, I like beautiful girls, what makes me deserve to get a beautiful girlfriend?

  • be as equally beautiful/handsome
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  • be the certain amount of confidence, security, caring personality, and other types of personality characters to deserve that type of girl
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  • all aspects mentioned above
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  • other opinion in comments
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  • Just be yourself. Your personality can get you a beautiful girl.


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  • Hold yourself to the same expectations you hold women to.

    Basically, it's hypocritical to expect women to overlook your flaws if you aren't willing to overlook similar flaws in them.

    • it is hypocritical that there is no expectation for me.

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    • well, you are a beautiful and your beauty will make your potential boyfriend satisfied the same as you get satisfied from his security and confidence. be approachable by making yourself beautiful. for me beauty equals health. be healthy.

    • if i like your beauty i will be confident for you that is the deal

  • Nothing you do or say can make you deserve a random beautiful woman. You're making it very abstract.

    If you like a specific beautiful woman then you should treat her right and have the confidence to know that you are a good person and you have a chance. If she's worth talking to, she won't exclude you because you aren't a 10.

  • Stop being a gross creeper. That might help you.

  • Being of equal attractiveness definitely earns you a shot with girls like that but the next best thing if you don't have looks is an awesome personality that attracts people in general not just girls.

  • Just love them.
    Loyalty and trust is everything, for the most part.

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