L@@k: How do I get my first girlfriend?

So I am inexperienced in lots of ways at age 20, almost 21. I didn't lose my virginity until a month ago. And I have still never had a girlfriend.

I just might have a black cloud over my head. I am not ugly or deformed. So I don't see what the big deal is.

I don't have any ways to meet girls right now. I hardly ever get introduced to anyone through friends and I don't have any solid connections just yet. I am too young for bars until 2 months from now.

I want to avoid the easy, loose, and slutty type girls. And I am not a party type of guy. I have tried online dating and although I have had some life-changing luck, it is very few and far between.

What can I do?


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  • Omigod it's you again isn't it?😂😂 Ummm try church I guess😂 maybe you'll find some nice girls there

    • Why only church? What is this stigma with church and nice girls?

      And are you even a nice girl?

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    • Hey but if you magically appear in my bed one day we'll go at it ;)

    • Trust me when I say that wil never happen... ever

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  • Girl's don't just want to be with anyone. So part of dating is finding out if you want to invest time with this person. The same thing for them is also for you. You have to make up your mind, though dating, if that person is right for you. Having a girlfriend is great, but it's not always good to be in a relationship just to be in a relationship.
    So you want a girlfriend. I took the time to read the comments below. If I could offer you some advice, how you treat people is extremely important. If you want to be loved, you need to be worth loving. You asked how you can improve yourself, to better yourself?


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  • Hey ugly and people with genetic defects find love too man...

    Better yourself and don't try so hard.

  • Guys who dont get girls are typically not good looking and if you're average your gonna have to be the rebound or the guy who always gets cheated on with pretty boys.


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