Girls, Girls what should I do?

I am imagrating soon, and she is going to study next year, she says i make her happy and She loves spending time with me but she has a boyfriend... They been going out for 4 years , his been very controling and mean towards her , thats what she tells me. She says she has a thing for me, but won't tell me what she means , about a month ago we had a little cuddle session and some movies and we ended up sleeping together she stayed the night and i took her to work, and her boyfriend got back the next day and i never saw or heard from her for the next 3 weeks while her boyfriend was with her ( her last seen was 3 weeks too ) , we have been friends for about 2 years and been very close, i saw her today and she came over and slept with me again, when i asked her how she felt about me she got cross at me , is she just using me or is she wanting more then a friend, i really feel Something for her even before she slept with me, i spoil her and take her out and pay and i listern to her... And her boyfriend always seems to pick up his act when she talks about me.
Why should i leave her?


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  • Dude... She slept with you more than once.
    I get that it meant something to you but she cheated on her boyfriend of 4 years!
    That's a horrible thing to do
    Judging by what you've said the best thing for you is to walk away and not look back. She's stringing you along You deserve better

  • you need to leave her alone.


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