Cute/funny ideas for a date at home?

so i'm dating this guy for a while and it really works out great
for this weekend i invited him over to my place do you guys have any funny romantic etc. ideas?
thanks already Julia


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  • Build a blanket fort, include the tv in it or bring a lap top, watch a movie or show you both love or one you haven't seen before.

    Bake something together. Brownies, cookies, or a cake. Wear aprons, lick the spoons, play funky music. When it's done split it in half. He can take it home with him.

    If cooking is more your thing maybe cook something with a theme and dress accordingly. French food? Draw those curly silly little mustaches on eachother with eyeliner, wear those stupid floppy hats, and talk in a fake accent. Hawaiian or bbq beach picnic? Wear bathing suits and a sarong, play ocean videos on YouTube, or have a cheesy surfing movie from the 60s on in the background while you cook, and get those ocean breeze glade plug ins or candles.

    Can either of you drive? If so maybe go to the dollar store or the cheap toy isle of a store and buy a bunch of weird things. Bubbles, chalk, stickers, tattoos, etc and play with them.

    There's tons of stuff to do. This is the stupid shit my boyfriend and I do on the weekends all the time and it's honestly a blast. Good luck!!

  • dinner and netflix!


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