How to avoid being needy while not being cold or emotionless either?

So this has been a pattern for me. I'll go out on a 2-3 dates with a woman, and they'll go really well. Great conversation, she'll share intimate and private details about her life, after I initiate touching she'll be all over me, we'll make out and she'll keep kissing even I tease her by slowly pulling away or stopping momentarily, we laugh and tease and tickle each other, feed each other. I'm far from a dating expert, but I don't see how I could really do much better during dates.

Inbetween dates seems to be the problem. They text me a lot up until the first date, but then never again. In fact, we don't text at all. I call, leave a voicemail, then they call back in a day or two, and then after 2nd or 3rd date they don't call back at all.

When they do text I'm very sweet, tell them I had fun with them, but after the first date they don't text at all except that same night.

I've been reading books that say many guys are too needy and need to wait for women to contact them, but maybe I've gone too far and the women think I don't care about them?

If it was one time then I'd assume she got back with an ex or was dating another guy she ended up liking more, but this is the third girl in a row who I've had amazing dates with, and she literally couldn't keep her hands off me, yet they completely stop all contact with me. Not even a "sorry im busy" reply.

3 in a row means it has to be something that I'm doing wrong. What do you think it is?


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  • you need to learn to find a balance.


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  • Women in the USA, the mainstream culture, are taught to be indifferent and unfeeling and look out only for their own interests.

    Anyone who is too emotional around them, they of course label as 'needy.' It's right up theire with çreep' as a way to dismiss all but a small handful of wealthy guys from their field of vision. Most welathy guys are also cold and indifferent, so they are a match with such women.


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