Girls, what are my options in this situation? Where do I stand? (Read Details) Am I doing everything right?

I will be entering the last year of high school in the following months and i've been talking with a graduated senior all of summer and the last 2 months of the last school year (May-July 2015). I've known her for about a year now and the reason i met her was through one of my algreba classmates. We would hang out and talk but it was all frienship. Then once May hit I suddenly realized how beautiful and sweet she is. I walked her to class, brought her small things and walked her home almost daily. On the last day of school i brought her flowers and told her how I felt about her. She told me she was serious about not having a relationship after being cheated on about 5-6 months ago. After this we went on dates. I would find the littlest excuses to come over to her place and we would talk while walking her dog. At the movies I always have her under my arm and there is no awkwardness whatsoever. I've ony kissed her once and that was when i dropped her off from watching JurrasicWorld and that was a quick kiss on the forehead. She smiled and thanked me for the date. After that we continued talking daily over text and i would visit her twice a week. After this I got wild with the presents and bought her things she couldn't accept. She told me she wasn't in a rush to get into a relationship and wants us to contiue what we have. (what does this mean?) She told me she wanted to get to know me and before she left on her 2 week vacation which ends in a week, i gave her a letter that had the scent of my cologne about who i am and my qualities. I wrote that I didn't want to rush anything and the letter was actually quite friendly. One of the presents that I got her was a six flags annual pass and we will be going in August, date to be discussed when she comes back from her wifi less vacation. I see the signs but im not sure what they mean. Im patient and although time isn't on my side I'm willing to give her time. I would perfer an opinion over the poll, thanks for your time!
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  • Sooooo, what's the question?
    seems like you have a pretty good thing going here

    • I noticed that people said i should give her time, but my question was if im doing my part right. Am I doing what a guy whose hitting on a girl with a broken heart correctly?

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    • yes i do

    • Then you won't do something she isn't ready for. Be gentle with her. Which it sounds like u r. I don't know man seems like your doing well

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  • she's not ready yet.

  • Just give her time.

  • Giving her time is all you can do.


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