What are some important first date tips?

So, I'm 16 and I've never gone on a date before. It's kind of a family rule that we don't date till we're 16, so that's why I haven't had a date before. The church I go to also encourages the youth to not date till we're 16 because you kind of learn how to date along the way from our friend's experiences.
I'm just wondering if any GaGers have any helpful advice for first dates. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


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  • First dates should be done in public. Don't head off anywhere secluded or find yourself alone with a person.

    Be yourself, and don't worry. Don't try to act like someone you are not, because if the relationship DOES work out, your true self will eventually come through, and the person will be upset. You want them to like you for YOU, not for some projection.

    Don't worry if they don't like you. Not all relationships will work out. Dating is to get to know someone, to see if you WILL like them. Don't feel rejected if they don't think you're as great as you think. And don't worry if you don't think they are as great as they think. This is not about the only person you'll ever get to date so make sure it works. Think of it like a job interview, in a way. But way more fun.

    So make sure you have fun. Don't keep it all serious and dour. Be you, express yourself, enjoy getting to know someone else, in seeing what makes them unique, what makes them them. And hopefully they will enjoy seeing what makes you you.

    Don't try to make the first date the 'everything' date. Don't make it too long, because if you are not enjoying your time with the guy, you don't want to be stuck somewhere that's going to take forever to get back. Keep the first one short, and if things work out you both should be excited for a second date.

    Dress for what you are going to be doing... if you are going to be on a date that will involve walking, wear shoes that you can comfortably walk in. It seems like common sense, but a lot of girls actually get so excited about a first date that they totally overdress for the occasion and end up uncomfortable for the date, which makes it hard for them to enjoy themselves. Look nice, obviously, but make sure what you are wearing matches the temperature and the activity.

    Good luck! It's an exciting time :)


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  • relax , be yourself and have fun...
    your 16, Its great life experience, just keep control of your nerves, you'll be fine

  • Try to go on dates where you can actually talk (no dinner or movie). It can't be that successful of a date if by the end of it you guys hardly know a thing about each other.

  • Be yourself is number 1, and the most important.

    The rest just flows.

  • 1.) Always watch a person's body language
    and what type of words they say and how they talk

    2.) Sexual jokes with flirting can be red flag

    3.) Always tell someone where your at when your
    out on date with guy or tell a close relative you need
    tell someone whose mature and responsible

    4.) Never leave a drink or leave food and walk
    away to go to the bathroom

    5.) Meet them in public place always make
    sure they respect you at all times and make
    sure they know your do's and your don'ts

    6/) Always date in the daytime when you
    go out never go out on the nights unless
    you are really sure of the person

    7.) If a guy starts asking for money
    that;s a bad sign

    8.) If he texts lot or talks lot on
    his cell phone during any date is
    a red flag

    9.) Every guy should treat a girl nice,
    not come off as aggressive in any way

    10.) If a guy makes you uncomfortable
    on any date for any reason than it's
    best not to make second date with the guy

  • Don't crap yourself.


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  • Carry pepper spay... you never know what kind of guy he is if this is the first date!


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