My dating life in American sucks. Is foreign dating the answer?

Since I turned 18 years oladn I'm currently 28 years old I never had date or a relationship of any sort. I always wanted to have my own family but it seems impossible at my rate where no lady shows any interest. Mayeb its because I'm mixed with Indian and some Latin. Maybe its because I have a background in science and they judge me as the nerd type. Whatever it is it sucks. But then I went on a foreign dating website and had some Russian women messaging me, had couple ladies even from Britian messaging me. I met a girl from Eastern Europe and my experiece with her has ben great. I think I realize I just don't click with American women because of my personality but probably do with Europeans. I also had talk to some men and said their experiece with foreign women is much different than America culture wise. Maybe its the leathal dose of America feminsim that has given me the hard time and still does.

So what you guys think should I take this online connection further and see what it can lead to. How about you men out there have you tried any foreign women from other countires like Russia, Poland, UK and many others?


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  • Well, if things don't work in America they can work somewhere else. Go ahead with it if you're willing to have long distance relationships.


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