How to come out of your shell?

Me and a boy met one night and really hit it off, we decided to carry on speaking and meeting one another to see how things go. However, whenever I was around him, I was suddenly be shy and not know how to talk to him. Usually I am bubbly, confident and chilled around people but for some reason I become a nervous wreck around this guy. After we stopped talking, we were round a friends getting drunk and we were flirting explaining how us being different people kind of makes it hard for us to carry on into a relationship, biut one thing led to another, and we slept together again.
In addition to this, despite being intimate, I still can't communicate well and still becooe nervous around him. It's strange because I am extremely attracted to him and I really do have a soft spot for him but for some reason I just can't come out of my shell. I want to speak to him so bad, but the words just won't come out. Is there something wrong with me? I am really damn into the guy but I feel like I keep pushing him away with me being quiet and not talking to him well. Has anybody got any suggestions on how I can try handle this? I mentally beat myself up every single time we part because I keep fucking it up with my surprising shyness. Somebody help me, please! haha :)


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  • You need to communicate with him.. you weren't shy to sleep with him


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  • talk to people until it becomes natural.


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