Why does my boyfriend keep saying I'm better off with other men? Why does he think they'll make me happier?

Me and my best friend-boyfriend, have been going out for nearly 2months now. Before we began going out he told me he had an anxiety disorder and was put into hospital for a month 4years ago. I didn't think much of it till we begun dating he explain he was put into hospital because he attempted to commit suicide. I was surprised but I stuck by him. Sometimes at night when we talk the topic comes up and recently he kept mentioning that he felt like a loser and hated talking about it because he thinks I'm uncofortable, which I'm not. I reassured him I was perfectly fine talking about this and I never judged him. However today he was upset. He has been on holiday for a week and has a few more days till he's back. He's upset as he says because he misses me and wants to see me but also thinks I want to leave him. He says he wishes he never told me about the suicide because he feels it's a burden on me and he think is I'll be happier with other guys? I don't have a fucking clue where this comes from? It breaks my heart because I am seriously trying in this relationship but he seems to be pushing me away! Also he is afraid that his old habits -suicidal thoughts come back-! This guy is a well educated, comes from a good family with a great upbringing. Should I just leave? How can I show him that there is no other guys! Honestly on my fb etc I do get guys mailing me but never have I ever responded since we began dating and he knows that. I don't even speak to men nowadays...


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  • Maybe he needs you to hold him (Hug him) and say you're not going anywhere. Just an idea.

    • I'm trying so much. I just keep thinking maybe he wants out. He doesn't want our relationship anymore

    • It sounds like he has low self-esteem and he doesn't think he's good enough for you. I'm not sure how you can change his mind. I hope you can convince him.

  • he wants you to leave him.


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