What should I do?

I want to know if she likes me. We met a few days ago when my friends were drunk saying I'm lesbians and a random girl says she is too so my friends went up to her and told me to hold her hand and give her a hug. She never walked away even when I was extremely shy and saying no to everything and she saved her number on my phone as cute girl so later on that night I texted her we talked for a little and then she texted me the next day cuz she knocked out. And At 2pm I asked what she likes to do for fun but she didn't answer then replied at 11pm apologizing. I didn't get to text her until after work. The next morning I texted her first and talked then around 12pm I asked her to tell me about herself but she didn't answer so then I apologized if it made her feel weird. She didn't answer so I texted saying good morning the next day but she didn't either so I don't know if she's busy? Has someone special? Or not interested?


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  • so first of all -no offense- r u lesbian as well?
    anyway savin yer # as "cute girl" means she finds u attractive probably... anyway... i believe she's busy actually since she apologized.
    but she beleives it's too early to talk about herself as well

    • Lol I'm bisexual and oh okay, so what should I write her? Or should I not text her until she says somethingn

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    • They didn't force me, I gave it to my friend and she gave it to her so what should I do? Text her or don't

    • i see... but still she gave it to her without askin or anything.

      anyway better wait for her i believe...

What Girls Said 1

  • She likes you.

    • Should I write her or wait until she writes back

    • I believe you should write her.

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