Be honest... What limit of partners would you truly have wanted your potential boyfriend/girlfriend to have before you begin to lose respect for them?

This can be based on either how many people they dated or how many people they slept with...

I feel that if you've dated or slept with more than a handful of people, I can't take you seriously. If not that, then I at least wonder whats wrong with you that causes you to not stay committed for long... I wouldn't say I'm speaking in general, but more so for who I'm looking to date. Basically anything over 3-5 is a lot to me...

By "lose respect" Im pretty much saying that I begin to wonder whats wrong with you commitmentwise #JustASquirrelTryingToGetANut
  • I sort of lose respect for them if they're not "pure"
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  • I sort of lose respect for them if they dated/slept with more than one person.
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  • I sort of lose respect for them if they dated/slept with more than 3 people.
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  • I sort of lose respect for them if they dated/slept with more than 5 people.
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  • I sort of lose respect for them if they dated/slept with more than 10 people.
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  • I sort of lose respect for them if they dated/slept with more than 20 people
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  • It doesn't matter how many people they dated as long as they're "clean"
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  • It doesn't really affect how I see them as a person too much, maybe a little but not a lot. Like if a girl is funny and intelligent, I'll still see her as funny and intelligent even if she's been with 20 people. However I wouldn't want a relationship with her, having sex with her would mean nothing to me , it would in a way kill some of my attraction to her. I wouldn't want to be guy number 21 who has to commit to her and buy a house with her.

    • Lmao that last part wow... The relationship is what I'm mainly speaking of. I dont mind being friends with anyone, but I meant would you still date them. I assume your answer is a no haha

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    • Yes! Me too 😁

    • thanks for mh

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What Guys Said 8

  • Depends on the circumstance. If they had more than one actual relationships that lasted more than just a few months and simply didn't work out, then I would have no problems with that. But if they went from one guy to another then it's becoming iffy. Needless to say if she slept around left and right I'd be disinterested.

    • Yes exactly! Like I feel like if you slept with someone, hopefully that relationship lasted 6 months to some years. However, I still wouldn't want it to be over 5 people. Thats also why dating comes into the scene. Like why didn't your relationships workout to where you've dated more than a handful of people? Ya know..

    • Yes, absolutely.

  • Mine grows as I age because people have been in more relationships. I have only ever slept with girls I was dating, I don't like ONS. although it is not a 'deal breaker' by any means for me, I would still hope she had a similar attitude towards sex as I do, which is not so casual for a ONS.

    But in the end, I don't really put a specific number, it is more the circumstances.

    • Hmm... Okay I like the sound of that

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    • Okay just making sure! With this website you either slut shame or say people are prudes/ virgins who never leave home... You can never win...

    • Haha I feel your pain. Its hard to understand where people are coming from when you dont exactly hear how they say something

  • More than three and I really have a hard time taking her seriously. Preferably zero would be ideal. I realize this is hard to do in the modern world but I also realize people are no longer getting married or having kids so really im the majority im just not scarred to admit it.

    • I think I may be the majority as well. Like Zero would be great but because its less likely, then I say maybe 3. Possibly 5, but over that and I just can't...

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    • Yes, go full Hugh Hefner.

    • @ShaeNielson geez im only 28

  • Honestly, it is a question of being STD free and principles, not numbers.

  • I would go for G - A person's past is history, what is important is their present and future.

  • I'm not even counting. My respect for someone depends on more things than just their sexual history.

  • Anything under 100 I guess.

    • No just no... But whatever thats either sarcasm or your personal preference

    • Why is 100 "sarcasm"? Who cares about a number anyway? I've had more partners than that, but I still deserve a chance at a steady relationship.

    • Of course you deserve a chance at a relationship. I just meant, that it isn't ideal for a girl like me

  • Actually I think if you charted it it would take a bump at one then gradually go up to about five. then the line would hold steady for a long time, then go up again at 100,000, that's something you just have to respect.

    Sex isn't dirty, it's sex, would you lose respect for someone because they like to eat lots of different foods rather than the same thing every day? Some people are messed up.

    • I do lose respect for some people who just constantly give their body away to different people. I rather them had been with one person for many years or something. Like gosh how many times can you use the excuse that you were "in love" with this and that many people... Or that you were just bored and wanted casual sex or friends with benefits... Its just a no for me personally

    • I'm not saying you shouldn't register it as part of their character and consider them unsuitable as a mate for that reason but I wouldn't lose respect for them. It would be like a bad habit or an uncongenial opinion, I might not like them for it but respect is quite separate from liking, at least I think it should be. I suppose most people can't separate the two.

    • Well like I said above, by "lose respect" I didn't mean that I wouldn't befriend them. I just mean that I lost respect for them when it comes to their relationships. I'd wonder whats wrong with them commitment-wise

What Girls Said 3

  • How many he dated or slept with before me is none of my business, and as long as he is clean and didn't knock any of them up, I really don't care.

  • I have no limit on how many partners he previously had, literally none. My men's histories prove that.

  • It also depends on her period of time they dated these people for. I lose respect for people who have flings and don't take their relationships seriously

    • Yes exactly!! But like how can they have dated 30 people of we've only been around for say 18 years. Thats crazy to me.

    • I completely agree! I guess many people have different views of relationships now.

    • Apparently so... People in my high school had the nerve to say "No one dates anymore... Its all about hooking up and trying not to get pregnant"

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