Word for word please?

This is a real hard thing to recall for some people I joined a few sites trying to find a answer. Word for Word I would like to know what a man you know fairly well says to you? For you to have a conversation that ends with you giving him your number him texting or calling you and then you texting or responding to his call. I'm 27 and I have been trying to find a woman to talk to for 9 years I'm starting to fear that I will not look the way I do or have the energy and resources I have forever. I have never had a conversation over 3 min with a woman and a few times over the years I have been able to get a young woman's number a time or two but when I call she's busy, tired or asleep and I have never gotten a reply back from a text I would like to compare what I'm doing to what other guys do. My friends can't help me they don't approach women, women approach them constantly. I really want to date and get married. I'm looking for something like this but sucessfull.

Will: Hello
Young woman: rolls eyes, looks other way, or possibly looks at phone.
Will: My name is Will what's your name?
Young woman: rolls eyes, looks other way, or possibly looks at phone then says I need to go this that or the other.

Or maybe
Will: Hey girl I like you shoes glasses etc they look Good
Young woman: ok
Young woman: before I can follow up, rolls eyes, looks other way, or possibly looks at phone then says I need to go talk to some one or go do this that or the other.


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  • I don't think it is a good way to approach girls in public, unless of course they are with other people (or if you're extremely attractive).


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  • so this Will guy's u i suppose? and r those gals in yer xmples u were talkin to total strangers maybe? if yes... then don't xpect much bro... they mght consider u a creep ;)

    if u do this often better cut it off, coz chasin gals to give u their # is a no-no... and don't be so desperate to marry asap... otherwise u'll never come successful u know.

    i believe it'd be better to ask yer friends to introduce u to some gal they know...

    • These are women i been around my entire life and they are either my friends sisters or they are friends with my family some how.

    • i see... then i dunno y they avoid u... maybe they find u boring as a person?

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