Has anyone ran through a group of girls?

Meaning like hooked up with a bunch of girls in the same group of friends? I've hooked up with 3 girls in one group and I know 3 more want to hook up because it's been close.

Is this because I'm hot? Or because of jealousy competition thin girls do? Lol


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  • Well I don't know... I wouldn't like second hand goods, no offense. I just wouldn't want to hook up with a guy any of my friends have hooked up with.

    • It's more like making out...

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    • Ok I see. So do you think it's a competition?

    • It might be if they have a competitive past or they usually compete amongst each other (about looks, guys, etc.) If not then they have some thing about having been with the same guy (maybe to feel like they have established a bond and now they can brag about it)

      But yeah, most likely a competitive thing.

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  • I didn't have that luck.

    • Lol. Sorry I guess :) I guess I should feel lucky.

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  • Seems like they put out with anyone. Not impressed xD