Girls, How to reject invitations without looking uninterested or gay? (I am interested and not gay) ?

Hey girls, i have been asked out to a lot of dates, but for personal reasons, i had to rejected, not just dates, even kisses (hygeen, hate being kissed even it was my own parents, my own sweat is extremly acidic that anyone who have contact with it feels a burn (yes, it hurts me and the receiver , it bleaches colors, my own skin peels offten, and if your not close enough you can't notice, still recovering but still not solved totally)(i find this a very important reason for not being kissed) and defnitly would not hurt anybody else ... other excuses are serious need to go cause i have plans and work (obligatory)) Yes, these are very weird excuses that i'm shy to tell about ( don't want to look a freak) Every time i reject an invetation , these girls change their altitude. and yes, i liked back everyone of them, but can't reset the relationship back as it used to be. i really want to accept their invitations, but just can't...
I don't want to look gay cause i had never had a girlfriend before, and i heard rumors telling i'm gay, which i'm not. I'm pretty sure that none of them evoked me with that description , cause we stayed friends (i'm very very tuned and sports is an addiction, turned that in my country, being too good looking means a high chance of being gay, but i can't quit sports , it is my primairy income salary) , but i repeat, their attitude changed. Help. i really need a good startegy, cause i really need a girlfriend. (Don't ask about my country, you would automatically figure out if you live there, if not, that's a new information to add)(i'm 17)


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  • If the girls you are dating are nice then all you really need to do is explain the truth. If they don't listen to you and understand then maybe move on to the next girl. Usually if you just take 5 minutes to give a full explanation people are fairly understanding.


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