Why does she randomly ignore texts?

So I text her back a day later and responds instantly laughing at my jokes showing interest in what I say and in my life! Telling me things like "that's a very mature decision" or "that was really nice of you lol" but then I ask her "how was wwork" and suddenly I don't get a reply. Is this all bad or good?


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  • i guess in this case she had a really shitty day in her work so she doesn't wanna share... no worries bro :)

    all da other signs r good ;)

    • So do I even send another text.

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    • those r really good signs indeed. so as i said it was just a shitty day in her work ;)

    • Ya possibly lol.

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  • Nobody wants to reply to "how was work?"

    Add more substance to your texts, make them worth responding to.

  • She's busy texting other guys...

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