Why would girls play hard to get with shy guys?

Everything you heard about mind games do not, I repeat, DO NOT apply to shy guys.

A popular guy might lose respect for an easy girl, but shy guys aren't popular. Some of us were homeschooled or in special education so we barely received any attention from females.

A shy guy who's never had a girlfriend will wonder if a relationship is worth it with this stupid game. He might question if true love is really playing games with each other. It's not.

So when you show interest, and then throw it away in front of a shy guy, that like rejecting him. You want that?


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  • Girls do this because everything they've been taught about men tells them that it works.

    Blame Cosmo.

    • I hate Cosmo it is a BS mag that feeds girls BS about men. It ropes girls in to get their money.

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  • What bullshit did I just read lol

  • Explain these so called mind games.


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