Going to the movies on first date, good idea?

I was thinking about taking this girl to watch Minions... good idea? or do you think taking her to a restaurant or any where else is a better idea?


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  • On a first date, a lunch or dinner in a quiet restaurant is what I prefer because you quickly find out if there is plenty in common and chemistry when talking to each other.
    In a cinema you might be able to flirt but you aren't learning much about the other person as it's be quiet to watch the film.
    Cinema is good for second or third date if things are going well as it is more intimate setting and some physical contact can happen.

    • yes you are quite right, that's why my friends advised me to take her to a restaurant instead of movies...

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  • A dinner and a movie is the best idea for a first date. Good luck! 😊

    • thanks, dinner after movie seems nice :)

    • No first of all go and watch the movie then go for a dinner at least u both won't stay quiet at least during the dinner time you both will have lots of things to discuss and talk about the movie :)

  • For me, no movies or restaurants.
    Take her somewhere else.

    • any suggestions? I usually take my dates for bowling on second or third date, which are always fun...

    • Bowling sounds like a good first date to me

  • Movie is good idea but i think u need something more romantic tham minions. Something like 50 shades of Gray haha

    • hahaha spare me the horror :D

    • horror is good idea because if she will be scared there's a little bit more to come.. πŸ˜€

    • haha yeah but no good horror movies have released recently, best bet to create jump scares would have been jurassic world...

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  • Minions is a good choice. It's a safe movie for a first date.


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