I don't want to pester him. What should I do?

Recently, I dated this guy for a few weeks. Texting and or talking everyday...seeing each other every few days. First time I felt a strong connection with someone on many levels. He and I are quite alike, from what I know of him so far. He wanted to take it slow, so that's fine... awhile later , I asked him what that meant as it means different things to different people... that he wants his next girlfriend to hopefully be his last..that he enjoys my company and isn't seeing anyone else and would like to continue seeing me but isn't ready for the next step. So, I said that was fine...that as long as he was aware that when we have sex that'll mean we'll be taking it to the next step.

Then I didn't hear from him for a few days and he said he was just stressed out about stuff going on in his life and needed some space. Well, during the summer I dated a few guys who used space as a way to get out. So, I got scared and didn't want to get burned so I told him that I was going back onto this dating website, that I was still into him, but didn't want to get burned. He was upset with me about it, saying that I didn't care etc etc. I realized my hastiness too late and apologized, that I just didn't want to get burned again and explained the situation...

At first he thought we would the best match as we are both intense, but now he thinks he needs someone that would balance him better.

I don't want to pester him, think I've done that a bit already, but he and I are a great match together, have a lot of things in common, want the same things, get along very well.

It's not like I'm hurting for guys, this is the first one in along time that I've enjoyed his company AND felt a connection.

I'm a very upfront person and he knows all this...

should I give him some time or should I just move on? or?


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  • give him time because going after him at this point will push him further away.

    keep on the dating site in hte meantime to keep ur options and ur stat eof mind helathy