Girl I liked had been keeping a secret boyfriend from me?

i've had a crazy obsession for this girl ever since i meet her a couple years ago , most recently she got a job at a pub i go to so i see her there often but her exact relationship status was often unclear and you never really knew what she was up to and she wouldn't really tell me a lot about this area of her life even though we did talk now and then. i think she always knew that i was crazy for her and maybe didn't know how to tell me. anyways i ran into her and a few of her gf's at another bar last night and she was with some guy i had never seen before. and they were like together the whole night and obvivously something going on between them and i'd look over at them and she'd give me these weird looks and then he'd like touch her back and places. but i still though this girl liked me so i'm rather confused who this guy is and what there exact relationship is? i don't think she wanted me to find out about him as she was acting all weird last night and trying to avoid me after initially saying hi to me


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  • she has slutty behavior. so even if she does like you, she likes him, too. so be careful. should probably just take it as a loss (or a win, really) and move on.

    • there does seem to be a lot of guys that she knows , the problem is either way she is still around and she knows a lot of people I know so will still run into her for rest of summer , think things might be more awkward now or she will just expect I leave her alone now that I know about him

    • maybe you should try and talk to her and see whats going on. either way, i say you dodged a bullet

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  • Pro tip don't say "obsessed" makes you sound stalkerish. Maybe she was hoping if she was super nice to you, you'd tip her better at the bar. She does work in customer service after all and looks and personality is a females bar tenders best tools. What made you think she likes you, if I may ask.

    • I'm not a big tipper so don't think that's what she was looking for , well I've know her for a while so has been a lot of interactions between us , been times I felt she did like me over the years not just when she was at work but when she was off work and we were at bar together

    • Well... she might like you but since you never asked to do things outside of her work like dinner or movies... that's all you were a nice guy that gives her attention and makes her feel nice. Woman love to feel needed/wanted but you were just that to her. Sorry bro it hurts I know

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  • bro she's a hoe lmfao. pack your bags and get yourself something better