What should I do?

OK well my boyfriend and I have only kissed on the cheek and I think he might kiss me on the lips this week. I'm so nervous if does. what should I say after kisses me? should I say anything at all? what should I do?


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  • Dont need to say anything just look him in the eyes and give him a sexy smile


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  • don't expect it, he may not kiss you yet.

    Odds are, he is just as nervous as you. I've noticed I tend to smile after I kiss, so if you're really freaking out, just smile. Being a woman is easy. Kiss back. So many young people wonder what a kiss feels like, it's true, it is something amazing, but it's also no big deal. his/her lips touch his/hers.

    the most I can put down is to be yourself and enjoy the liplock. If you get really frustrated, he's your bf...kiss him...