Is this girl interested in me?

I go to this bar regularly every week with my friends and I. We always get served by the same waitress.

Anyways, she was outside for a smoke and so was I and I got her number.

We hardly text each other and it's usually me always starting the text. I felt that she wasn't interested because she is 29 years old and I am 25 years old. From my understanding as well, she likes guys who look like they are on roids. I'm relatively fit though.

A while back, I asked her out and she said sure but I didn't really follow through because she didn't really seem that interested.

Last night though when I was at her work. She asked me when we are going to my restaurant in front of all of my friends. And she was planning to do it this weekend.

I got a text from her this afternoon wanting to go out to my restaurant but I couldn't because I was working at another job. So we have been texting and she asked me to go to this concert but I told her I am not very familiar with the bands playing.

Anyways, our plan is to go to the restaurant tonight if she gets off work early.


What should I do?

Really, i'm a little nervous if she just wants to go out with me because i get a good staff discount.


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  • Tough to say. You did make a really big mistake by not following though the first time. But I'd take it as a good sign that she's still wanting to go out with you. Girls like to be around people they feel comfortable with. True, this boarders the friend zone, but you can't just run whenever you feel like she has ulterior motives. We all do. And if you don't go, it'll eat you up wondering if you should have just gone and found out. When you're out with her, try to break the touch barrier as much as possible (all while still being respectful). Good luck fellow bro


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