With all the so called "model" look I have, can you calculate my odds of successfully getting married?

with all the so called "model" looks I have , can you calculate my oods of successfully getting married?

well dont have much of personalty
Im poor.
Im skinny.
Im a loser ;)
virgin lol


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  • Very likely.

    • well Im in pit hopelessness , all girls im frends with just want to be frend. no romance

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  • It's not about looks, it's about your vibe.

    • no vibe.

    • All girls have the capability of judging a man by the vibe he gives off. If you've got a bad, avoidable vibe, you're not going to get anywhere unfortunately.

    • I have to agree with this one. It's definitely the vibe which is mostly affected by your self confidence.

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  • why are you poor?
    Skinny is good but do some weightlifting with thing around the houes or do some running to build up the muscles.
    What do you like to do for fun?
    Virginity will work on that!
    You have to become a positive brave man.

    • because poor is only way to be.

    • If you have a job that give: confidence, money, chance of meeting girls, more friends that might girls to date.

  • I see lots of people in worse shape in a marriage. I was in denver and i saw this bald ugly dude with a blonde who was at least a 7. He didn't look rich so if he can do it, why can't you.

    • yea but im not that cool ugly fat guy who get the girl.. lol

    • I can tell what your problem is, you give off a negative feeling. No one wants to be with someone who complains all the time. Even if you dont feel like a rocksat, act the part. Start working out and read, reading helps you come up with things to talk about.

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