Should I still be talking to him?

My crush who likes me too told me that he isn't ready to settle down to a relationship. I really like him though and we still talk. I'd still want to be close friends with him but my friend is worried that I could fall too deep for him and get hurt. But I feel like the more i hang with him the better and stronger our friendship would be until he is ready to settle down you know? Like we can go to resturaunts and spend time with each other. We also known each other since we were 5 so it's I find it weird to stop talking to him and he lives in the same plaza with me. But what's your opinion? Should I move on or get closer with him?


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  • he's not ready he's not ready


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't talk to him.

    • But why though? I've known him for sooo long and we're practically neighbors...

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