Do guys quit if they know a woman is more serious minded than they are?

He is the type of guy who is an eternal bachelor. Doesn't have many serious relationships and is a big flirt and kinda immature. He meets a younger woman. She is very attractive and smart and funny and sweet down to earth but at the same time carries herself high with respect. He starts getting closer and friendly and then he kisses her one day. She starts to like him. But he can tell that she won't have sex and is the type of girl who expects a relationship. He knows she won't give it up easy and that she is looking for something more real than he is. He tells her that he truly thinks she is amazing and very hot but he can't handle more than friendship. Yet he is always still flirting with her.

Is ir possible that a guy can meet someone wonderful and attractive and the type of woman who is serious material and doesn't mess around and he knows she's the wife kind but he doesn't think he can give her that or isn't ready for that?
I agree they should not date. But is it possible for a guy to think a woman is wonderful and a great catch and be attracted to her but knows he won't be what she is looking for.


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  • It's fruitless to date someone because you like the person they could be more than the person they are. If a person isn't ready for a serious commitment, then they won't be until they make the decision to be. Sorry :c

  • If expectations do not meet, i think it is normal that they give up. Maybe it is better. because at the end of it; someone gonna hurt. No need for that.


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