How can a guy in a relationship cheat after being with that person for years?

From the start he's always told me he's single. He would take me out 3 times a week, wanted to meet my parents, and be with me at night on weekends sometimes just watching tv at home or partied with me one time, was always a gentlemen like opening the car door for me. I found out he had a girlfriend the whole time we were talking. I was shocked because he didn't seem like that kind of guy. But why would he do that when he already has someone that he could be doing that to? I want a good reason please.


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  • It's very hard to know why or how this happened. I think though you need to realize the most likely explanation is that he's an asshole.

    It is possible that he was stuck in some other relationship he didn't care about and couldn't end. Many guys are bad at getting out of relationships they don't want. But for 3 years? The girl probably would have left herself.

    No, much more likely this guy is egocentric and selfish. He enjoys stringing people along; he enjoys having "options" and he probably enjoys being unfaithful. I'm not saying dump him immediately, but you should definitely have that be option number one. If you want to give him a chance to explain himself ask him to a one-on-one meeting where you demand the whole truth. Just be aware you might be inviting a con artist to a challenge: con me again. Be careful how you proceed.

    • I did definitely end it and before that I asked him and why he would lie to me when the truth eventually would come out but he just said I don't know. I noticed he's been cheating on this girl for while probably cause he told me he was talking to this girl before me and it was definitely not his current girlfriend. I kept saying he's still with her and I know by social media but he would keep denying it trying to convince me he's not with her anymore.

    • The reason people act this way is they are selfish and immature. Often they are immature because they are scared. You were not scared. You had the courage to commit yourself to someone. He did not. You can't fix that but maybe he will grow up some day.

      We all of us get hurt constantly while we're looking for love. It sucks and that's just how it goes. The good news is you know deep down that you are the person who is coming out of this the right way and you are the person who is bound to have a real, happy relationship next.

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  • Some people are jerks who do jerky things. Neither of us are cheaters so maybe we'll never understand :/


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  • Either he wants to just have sex with as much girls or he cares a lot about his girlfriend and wants to keep you as the side dish.


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