How to not ruin a second chance?

Me and this guy have just started talking again after a few weeks.
We were seeing each other and at first he was sweet but I was insecure after a bad break up- and I have to admit it was obvious.
I acted insecure and clingy, not to mention letting him treat me less than amazing.
I want to give him a second chance. Not to defend him but it's hard to be crazy about a girl who is acting crazy you know? Lol

Anyway we're hanging out in a few days and I'm being careful to relax and not repeat the past. Should I talk to him about it somehow? Just chill and let him get an impression for himself?
i don't want to be fake and I'm not sure if you can change someone's opinion of you after acting a certain way


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  • "letting him treat me less than amazing." what does that imply exactly? He didn't treat you like a princes or he treated you badly? If it's the former then it's not really a problem honestly.

    • He didn't treat me badly, I couldn't call him a jerk
      He just stopped asking me on date nights and made less effort in general

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    • Um wow synical much?
      No actually I made most of the effort

    • Well ok, then you're in the clear.

What Girls Said 1

  • what happened on the date?

    • I haven't seen him in about a month. We were seeing each other/hanging out for a few months

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