Is it worth to still dating him?

I've been already a month dating a guy which i really fancy and i think he really likes me as well. The matter is that I think he hasn't got over his ex girlfriend (they broke up already a year ago or so) yet but even though that fact, he still wants seeing me beucase as he says, he really likes me. I'm afraid of falling in love with him, not being him prepared for any kind of relationship. Do you think is it worth to still dating him? do you think he would be able to get over his ex some time? Would it be better to stop seeing him so as not to get hurt?

  • Stop seeing him
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  • If you like him, is it worth still dating him, maybe he gets over his girlfriend soon
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  • He won't get over his ex, but you can still dating him if you want to be stabbed morally in the heart.
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  • If he hasn't got over his ex than it be wise to wait and see but do date other men in the mean while


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  • I suggest you to stop seeing him, and if he asks for a reason, you should point it clearly that you want to be the main girl in his life, and then see what happens. If he will come after you, and is convincing, you can reconsider. Otherwise, it will be risky to make another decision- at least this is just my opinion.

    All the best


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  • You gotta work on your grammar. That took some effort to get through.

    Regardless, so what if he's not over his ex yet? Give him a reason to get over her and he'll come around.

  • make yourself the center of his attention and he might forget his ex. Just occupy all his time so he hasn't time to think about her. If that doesn't work then it is dump time


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